Exit 48: Elk Township, NJ

Elk Township: Home of… what? A CVS and a Wawa? Anything else? Well, trees, land, houses, and… that about covers it.

Just kidding.

I actually had to go to their website (I’m shocked they have one) to find out anything.

I went to this exit with this knowledge: Elk Township kids attend Delsea Regional High School. That was my high school. They hated the commute, which, for some, was half an hour or more (depending on bus rides).

But anyway, from the website I learned that there are different “settlements” or towns within this township:

Hardingville– I knew this existed because of the church located there. I’ll keep my extremely biased opinions of that place out of this blog though. Let’s just say that the church owned my middle school, and that middle school was probably the worst time of my life.

Lawns– This I’ve never heard of. According to the website, “The area has grown into quite a community since 1929. It presently (1976) has two stores, one gas station, four churches and one volunteer fire company.” Quite a community, huh?

Ferrell– This is marked by a firehouse. It also is home to lots of fruit stands.

Ewan– Only the southwest section is part of Elk Township.

Aura– Aura is more built up than other sections. The elementary school is named after this section.

Wrights Mill– Chief product? CHRISTMAS TREE STANDS! How appropriate for this time of the year. Apparently they are made of “Poplar, pine and gum.”

Also noted on the website are Lakes Gilman and Garrison, and Pine Tavern.

I wouldn’t say that this is a must-see exit unless you’re really into fruit stands. If that’s your thing– then head on out into the near-empty lands of Elk Township!

…or if you prefer, you could just make a left off of the exit and head into Glassboro.


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